Gc Leong Geography Latest Edition PDF Download

In this post, I’m going to share an amazing book Gc Leong Geography PDF, which is useful for all the aspirants who are preparing for the competitive exam. This Geography Gc Leong PDF is one of the best book for preparing physical Geography,

This book is popular among students, and many top institutes recommend this book to their students for preparation and learning. If you want to make base on basic things related to geography, then this GC Leong Geography Book PDF is useful for you,

It covers all essential topics in an easier way, so students didn’t face any problem while studying.

Gc Leong Geography PDF Details 

  • Book: Certificate Physical and human geography 
  • Author: Gc Leong
  • Publications: Oxford University 
  • Language: English
  • Pages: —
  • Format: PDF
  • Quality: Good
  • Credit: Internet

This Gc Leong Geography Book PDF is written by Gc Leong and published by Oxford University, and it is useful for competitive exams like UPSC and others; if you want to understand topics in a better way and want to clear your concept, then this book is perfect for you, it covers all the topics in the proper way with diagrams,

So you can understand topics easily. All the topics which cover this book are given below, so check it out.


  • The Earth and the Universe
  • The earth’s crust
  • vulcanism and Earthquakes
  • weathering, Mass Movement and Groundwater
  • Landforms made by Running water
  • Landforms of Glaciation
  • Arid or Desert Landforms
  • Limestone and chalk Landforms
  • Lakes
  • Coastal Landforms
  • Islands and Coral Reefs
  • The oceans

PART 2 Weather, Climate and Vegetation

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • The Hot, Wet Equatorial Climate
  • The Tropical Monsoon and Tropical marine climates
  • The Savanna and Sudan Climate
  • The Hot desert and Mid Latitude Desert Climates
  • The warm temperate western margin (Mediterranean) Climate
  • The temperate continental – steppe climate
  • The Warm temperate eastern margin – china type climate
  • The cool temperate western margin – British type climate
  • The cool temperate continental Siberian climate
  • The cool temperate eastern margin- Laurentian Climate
  • The arctic and polar climate.

Gc Leong Geography Latest Edition PDF Download

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